Cooking with Wood Stoves

We enjoy cooking with wood stoves! There are a variety of stoves to match every situation.

We use wood stoves for cooking in emergencies, on backpacking or canoeing adventures, or sometimes just for fun. Using a wood stove takes some practice, so we use them to try new cooking methods or recipes before we really need to depend on them.

Different stoves have characteristics that limit your choice of fuels, how far you might be willing to carry them, and what is practical to cook on them.

Our favorite wood stove for cooking in emergencies is the StoveTec Big Foot 2-Door Rocket Stove. It is designed to be fuel efficient and allows a flexible choice of fuels: wood, bio-mass, or charcoal. The stove was designed as part of a research effort to improve cooking technology that protects health and the environment in developing countries. Because is it very efficient, it produces less smoke and uses less fuel. Less smoke means improved health for the cook; less fuel means less stress on the environment and lower fuel costs for families in developing countries. We like the stove for use in emergencies because we have to store less fuel and it is easy to use.